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Wherein the Christ Child is Laid

Wherein the Christ Child is Laid, 2011 This is a repost of a sketch that I did in 2011. I would probably make some changes to the drawing if I were to do it again or expand it into a larger work. However, I think that it is appropriate to share once again as we near Christmas. The drawing is inspired mostly by quote by Luther in his preface to the Old Testament:  "For these are the Scriptures which make fools of all the wise and understanding, and are open only to the small and simple, as Christ says in Matthew 11[:25]. Therefore dismiss your own opinions and feelings, and think of the Scriptures as the loftiest and noblest of holy things, as the richest of mines which can never be sufficiently explored, in order that you may find that divine wisdom which God here lays before you in such simple guise as to quench all pride. Here you will find the swaddling cloths and the manger in which Christ lies, and to which the angel points the shepherds [Luke 2:12]. Simple and lo

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